20 Hilariously Strange Lookalikes

1. When 90s Justin Timberlake rocked the ramen noodle do.

2. When this guy woke up in the morning and decided to dress like Cartman from South Park.

 3. That time we found the Bieb’s doppleganger.

18-Justin-Bieber-Mannequin (Copy)

Source: oddee.com

4. This lady and the yellow slug.

17-Lady-Yellow-Caterpillar (Copy)

Source: oddee.com

5. That time Nicki Minaj jacked He-Man’s haircut.

6. When we found Peter Dinklage’s  great great great ancestor.

7. When this chick came to school looking like Carmex.

8. When Carrot Top and Lion O from the Thundercats were twinsies.

9. That time Bill Murray looked like Papa Smurf.

10.  When Taylor decided to dress up like these bus seats.

11.  That time Lindsay Lohan looked like Gollum from LOTR.

12. When Sofia Vergara stole Jessica Rabbit’s style.

9-Sofia-Vergara-Jessica-Rabbit (Copy)

Source: people.com

13. Robert Pattinson and this cute kitty striking a pose.

14. Or this hot dude and cute kitty pouting.

15. When Honey Boo Boo & Mama June looked like Krang from TMNT.

6-Honey-Boo-Boo-Krang (Copy)

Source: smoosh.com

16. Cher and this dog with long locks.

17. Tom Hardy and this cute cat and pup.

18. When Jesus came back as Jared Leto.

19. The real life Peter Griffin.

20. This girl and Doug.

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